Raleigh's First Snow Fall in 2017 + Funny Bulldog Photos!

In the beginning of January, Raleigh saw it's first snow fall. It was expected to be a huge storm but as always, we only got a few inches. I was so bummed - I wanted like 2 feet. I feel like every single winter here in North Carolina, we are predicted to get a huge system, creating mass chaos at the grocery store for bread and milk sandwiches, and then it only flurries. Haha gotta love it! It is crazy weather here in the South. But I have to say, even with it's unpredictability, I love it because we experience every season to it's fullest.

Matt and I were looking back at our Winter photos from years past and realized that we got most of our large snow storms in February. So there is still potential for another beautiful winter wonderland again in a few weeks. We are still 43 days till Spring (yay!) so there is definitely a possibility. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Here are my favorite photos from the snowy weekend. Mr. Truck adores the snow and I knew we would get some great shots of him playing. He is so cute in it. It's hard to see his head sometimes because he is the same color of the snow. I love throwing snowballs at him - it gets him so hyped up!

Matt and I also went to a local nature preserve that day to see what it was looking like there for photo opportunities. Nothing much but I do love some of my bird photos. The birds absolutely go crazy in the snow so if you are ever wanting to do bird photography, definitely wait for a good snow storm because they love it!

Have a great weekend!


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