My Cover Image of the Summer Food Issue of Cary Living Magazine

These are the moments you work hard for as a photographer. Getting your art recognized and published for the world to see and appreciate. I am so excited to have made cover for the 2nd time in 6 months for Cary Living Magazine. In January I shared my cover of yummy craft beer that I took at Bond Brothers Beer Company in Cary. Even though I do photography for the magazine, I don't have any say in what images they end up using in the magazine so this was as much of a surprise to me as it was for all the readers.

I knew going into the July/August Summer Food Issue (the biggest issue of the year) that I really wanted to get cover again. I just put that intention out there as I knew I could make it happen. I saw that one of the food assignments was going to be about Buoy Bowls Acai Food Truck (you can buy acai to make at your house - I love this brand!) so I immediately thought that might be a really good option for cover because acai bowls are so pretty and very trendy right now in our health conscious society.

So I did some research before the shoot, as I always do! The week before the shoot, I surfed their social media outlets to get an idea of what the acai bowls looked like. I took several screen shots of a few of their prettiest bowls, ones that I thought would photograph well, and told the owner which ones to make right when I got there. He was so nice and helpful! I brought along with me a few of my food photography backdrops boards. I did this because the food truck was parked by a Fitness center that day so I knew there would be no tables or counters to shoot on so planning ahead was crucial here.

I got to work photographing the food first while nobody was there, then as customers started showing up I took some lifestyle shots of a typical morning rush. I also got a free acai bowl to eat which was really sweet. The nutella one with coconut was amazing!

Behind the Scenes + Tips & Equipment

Behind the scenes photo taken with my iphone 6 plus! I texted Matt that Friday morning to show him what the setup was looking like. I'm really glad I did that so I can give you an inside look into the creative process behind some of my editorial work. It's not so glamorous is it?

I found a cool spot in the shade for even lighting and worked fast because it was so hot. This was a very simple setup with no extra props as I wanted the food to be the star. I had a vision of the image being bright and colorful with a lot of bokeh (blurriness) so I used this teal wooden photo board I made a few years ago to give it that extra pop of color. I knew that the light teal shade would nicely compliment the reds, purples, and yellows of fruit and acai. I was so right! I tried the white board for a few shots but I just wasn't feeling it.

I did minimal editing to the image then handed it off to Jennifer Heinser, our awesome graphic designer. She put her beautiful finishing touches on it and it really came to life. I absolutely love how the cover it turned out!

Camera & Settings

camera: Nikon D7100

lens: 50mm f/1.8 prime lens

aperture: f/2.8

iso: 100

shutter speed: 1/320