Mr. Truck Meets Cousin Dixie

Warning: cuteness overload! :) Over the weekend Matt and I went back to Raleigh to photograph for the magazine so we set up a small visit on Sunday morning to get together with his sister Christa. She just got the most adorable rescue dog. Her name is Dixie and she just turned 1 year old so she is still in her playful puppy stage.

I couldn't wait for her to meet Mr. Truck. I knew they would hit it off and become instant besties. Ohhhh yeah. I was absolutely right. It went exactly like I expected. Lots of energy, jumping, rough housing, and butt sniffing. They loved each other immediately! I got some great photos of their first ever meeting.

I knew they would love each other because Mr. Truck likes small dogs with lots of energy. He is actually a very high energy bulldog. I sometimes swear he is a lab in a bulldog body because he wants to play and retrieve his ball all. day. long. He wants to go go go.

I honestly thought I would get a stubborn, lazy, couch-potato bulldog when I got him 6 years ago but he has completely surprised me over the years with his agility and endurance. He can't do long hikes or run a marathon of course but he can certainly participate in activities we do as long as it isn't too hot or humid outside and there is lots of water readily available.

This photo cracks me up!

We played at the house then went on a long walk at Falls Lake. Dixie gave him a workout, that's for sure, because on the way home Trucky was snoring louder than normal... which means he really had fun.

She has some Jack Russell terrier in her so she can move at lightning speed in the blink of an eye leaving Trucky in the dust. It was so great to see both of them play. I love that they have instantly bonded.

White Walker eyes!