Photography Expedition to Nags Head and the Outer Banks of North Carolina + VIDEO

Photos by Matt Williams & Ginny Williams

I love traveling! It's so fun to get out and see the world. It is amazing how many beautiful places there are in this world. Life is for living and traveling is living to me. Matt and I recently took a long weekend getaway to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. What an amazing vacation. We saw a lot of cool stuff! It was such a special and memorable trip to me that I even made a video - check it out below! It's got music and behind the scenes video clips and pictures. It was a lot of fun making it. I hope to do more like that in the future. Every part of this vacation was perfect. The Friday afternoon that we left it was warm and sunny. Windows were rolled down, sunglasses were on, and my hair was blowing in the breeze. We had Lana Del Rey playing and Trucky in tow. Awesome conversations were had and the intention was set for amazing photo opportunities.

Matt and I go to the mountains a lot so we really wanted a long weekend getaway at the beach this time. Our mission was fun and relaxation of course, but we were really going for our own personal photography expedition. Our photography has taken off over the last year and a half so it's important to us that we are continuously getting out there and producing content. It's a pretty awesome life. Traveling and taking pictures and sharing them with the world. Nags Head has been on our priority list for quite some time. I grew up going to Nags Head every summer as a kid so it was good to get back and see some of the things I hadn't seen since I was young. It's a very touristy town so there is lots to do and see and just about everything stays open year round.

We started off or vacation getting up each morning, grabbing and quick bite to eat, and heading out (Trucky too!) to photograph sunrise and later catching sunsets in the evening. It's always hit or miss. The clouds just weren't as spectacular as we were hoping but we did get a few great shots. Other stops included Bodie Island Lighthouse which was really amazing. It was absolutely freezing that day and the wind was out of control. I took a few photos and walked around for a bit then ran back to the car. I couldn't even. Hah.

Nothing was more fun than taking the private truck tour of Corova Beach, in Corolla, NC. It's at the very top right corner of our state along the VA line. A bit expensive but totally worth it. Remember, we were on a photography expedition...sometimes you have to pay a little bit of money to get access to the good stuff. Wow it was fun. The truck ride was bumpy, windy, and cold. Bring a jacket if you do it in the early Spring months.

This place was GORGEOUS! It can only be accessed by 4-wheel drive and is out in the middle of nowhere. There are hundreds of million dollar homes in these neighborhoods with streets made of sand. Very unique. We spotted several horses that day out grazing on private lawns.