La Farm Bakery at the new Whole Foods in Cary, NC | Photoshoot for Cary Living Magazine

I really like doing editorial photography work for Cary Living Magazine because it continues to give me opportunities I wouldn't otherwise normally get, like meeting influential people in the community or trying a unique dish at a popular restaurant. Each issue brings something new and fresh and I get to be creative with an entirely new set of people and products. The unexpected is pretty cool.

The January/February 2017 issue of CL just hit stands today so I'm excited to finally share my photoshoot I did with La Farm Bakery at Whole Foods Cary. It was a blast.

A few months ago I learned about the wonderful partnership that formed between Whole Foods and La Farm Bakery. I immediately thought it was a really great collaboration as they both sell mouthwatering breads and freshly baked goods. So when my graphic designer, Jennifer, gave me this assignment I was like "O.M.G YES!" I couldn't wait. I also knew it would be a really great fit for this blog since I blog so much about food and photography.

I've known about La Farm Bakery and it's awesomeness since my college days. I went to Meredith College in Raleigh, NC and earned my B.S. degree in Food & Nutrition there in 2007.

In one of our food classes, we traveled to Cary to do a tour at La Farm Bakery. What a cool field trip! Very exciting. We got an inside look at the French bakery facility and watched them make blueberry scones from scratch. We did get to eat the scones and they were so delish! It was overall a really memorable experience and loved everything about the food and the energy there at La Farm.

La Farm Bakery was started by French bread master, Lionel Vatinet in 1999. He is one of the most recognized and respected bread makers in America. He was trained in France, has been a consultant for Panera Bread, coached the American team to a first place win in the World Cup of Baking, and has been featured in Food & Wine, The Oprah Magazine and Garden & Gun. He also just launched his new book. It makes a great gift for any foodies in your life!

What a nice man! Gracious, humble, and talented. And his French accent is just lovely. He was so fun and pleasant to work with and you can really tell how much he truly loves what he does. Can't say enough nice things about him!

So what was my impression of the food? It was fresh and delightful! There is so much variety among the products they serve: artisinal breads, weekend baked goods, full service coffee, and all the sandwiches and soups you can imagine in the cafe. I love that there is a French feel to the menu as you can find many things you would see at a little corner bistro in Paris.

Matt got to eat this yummy blueberry filled pastry after I photographed it and Lionel made me a Croque-Monsieur from scratch to eat for lunch as a thank you gesture for taking the pictures. Wow! Matt and I sat at a table in the cafe with some piping hot coffee and a vanilla latte (perfection!) and went to town. The rich savory flavors combined with homemade fresh bread was so yummy. I couldn't even eat it all. So filling and delicious! The cafe was absolutely packed all morning. It's very obvious how much the local community loves La Farm and is very excited and supportive of this new venture.