Musings on Moving from Raleigh to the Charlotte/Lake Norman area of North Carolina

Beautiful summer sunset along Lake Norman - photo taken at Jetton Park in Cornelius, NC.

Moving is hard. Moving is especially hard if you have never moved (far) in the first place.

Matt, Mr. Truck, the cats, and I moved to the Charlotte metro area last Memorial Day weekend (2017). It was a very hard and emotional move for me. Oh boy. It was tough. I really really loved living in Raleigh (North Hills area) and wasn't sure how I would feel living outside of the Triangle after living there my entire life.

It was hard stepping out of my comfort zone but I embraced the opportunity for a new adventure. I have watched the Triangle expand and evolve over the decades into this amazing metropolis full of award winning restaurants, night-life and entertainment, outdoor recreational activities, and of course the famous rivalries of Tobacco Road. I was surely going to miss it all.

The first months of Summer after the move were so hard for me and Matt. I ugly cried a lot. I was extremely homesick and not liking it at all. I was pretty grumpy, which is not like me, and constantly reminiscing of the good old days back home. But looking back, I just wasn't giving myself a chance to like it. I was just being bitter which isn't healthy or proactive. Matt adjusted better than I did but missed Raleigh as well. So we just gave it some time...

Downtown Charlotte

So what are my thoughts now?!?!

I love it! After 8 full months, I can say that I'm really enjoying living here! It's a very beautiful part of North Carolina.

We are living in a little town called Cornelius on Lake Norman (the biggest lake in North Carolina). It's basically like a mini ocean in the middle of NC and is often called our states, "inland sea". It's huge and makes Durham's Jordan Lake look tiny. There are a lot of extremely wealthy people in this part of NC. I'm talking, loaded. Lake Norman is surrounded by enormous mega mansions and in fact, Ricky Bobby's house in Talladega Night's was filmed here at the lake. It's a pretty sweet community.

There are several small towns surrounding the lake: Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, Morresville, and a few others. These are the most adorable little towns ever, especially Davidson. There is a lot to see and do here and the restaurants are fantastic, especially Kindred. I love shopping at Birkdale Village (check out my post), running and catching sunsets at Jetton Park, taking Mr. Truck on hikes at local nature preserves, and going on fun photography adventures with Matt to downtown Charlotte and beyond. We even got to catch a Charlotte Knights baseball game last summer which was so fun. The baseball stadium is smack dab in the heart of downtown, surrounded by dozens of skyscrapers so it's a gorgeous view while you are watching the game. Matt and I are definitely keeping ourselves busy each week taking in new experiences.

Mr. Truck enjoying a long hike at Stephens Road Nature Preserve in Huntersville, NC

But I do really really like it now, especially being by Lake Norman. It's just so beautiful. Really, everything is so cute and quaint in this part of the state. The "Lake Life" is a totally different vibe than the Triangle. It's pretty surreal. But I love it here and I'm so glad we made a change to try something different.

I think it's important to embrace life and see the world and sometimes that means moving to a new location that is totally unfamiliar. It's how we grow and evolve and learn new things about ourselves, other people and new cultures.