Yogurt Parfait Bowl with Berries, Hemp Seeds, Cacao Nibs & Granola - Vegan

One of my absolute favorite breakfast staples is a healthy plant based yogurt bowl. That means, everything in this bowl is from the Earth. No dairy, animal products, or synthetic ingredients. It's all natural and very nutritious.

I have a predominately plant based diet so this is a recipe that I make all the time and really satisfies me up until lunch time.

Matt and I make yogurt bowls multiple times each week. It's easy and quick. Those mornings where I just want to sleep in a little later or don't want to make any sort of fuss in the kitchen I will opt for homemade oatmeal or make a quick yogurt bowl. It literally takes about 5-7 minutes. I will just make my coffee and while it's brewing, prepare my bowl.

Aren't they beautiful?

Change it up based on whatever fresh ingredients you have on hand. Grocery stores usually have fresh and affordable strawberries and blueberries throughout most of the year but be adventurous.

Mmmmm chocolate! Have you ever tried cacao nibs? I highly recommend it. I buy the Navitas Brand. You can find it in the vitamin section. Cacao nibs are 100% gently crushed cacao beans. They bring your bowl to life so don't skip out on this part. A Tablespoon will do.

The most important part of this recipe is the type of yogurt you use.

I swear by the SO DELICIOUS brand. LOVE IT! I buy a lot of products by SO DELICIOUS so I have an arsenal of favorites that I want to start reviewing.

Matt cannot have dairy so I have to get yogurt that is plant based and over the years this has become our top favorite. Note: I actually used to eat Greek Yogurt like it was going out of style but I suddenly stopped about 3 years ago because it started to make me feel so bloated and sluggish after I would eat it. Greek yogurt is nice because of the really high protein content but it's so heavy and thick and would leave me feeling sick to my stomach. I stopped buying it and immediately switched to this plant based yogurt and right away I felt immensely better. I think it tastes amazing too. A lot of people become sensitive to dairy as they get older so if you are, maybe think about switching to plant based yogurts.

I only buy the large container instead of the smaller individual ones because it is more cost effective. The 24oz container costs around $5.00 give or take and we can usually make about 4-5 bowls with it. I also purchase 2-3 containers at a time because I go through them so much.

I recommend buying the unsweetened vanilla yogurt because it contains NO sugar. Since I'm adding lots of fresh fruits and other sweet toppings I don't want even more sugar. It's less calories.

This yogurt is high in CALCIUM, FIBER, VITAMIN D, & VITAMIN B-12!

Healthy Yogurt Parfait Bowl - Using 'SO DELICIOUS' Dairy Free / Vegan Coconut Yogurt


1. Plant based Yogurt (I love SO Delicious Coconut Milk ~ Unsweet Vanilla)

2. Blueberries

3. Strawberries

4. Raspberries

5. Cacao Nibs - Navitas Brand

6. Hemp Seeds - Manitoba Harvest Brand

7. Granola - Back to Nature Apple Cinnamon Granola


You can't mess this up. Just have fun with it! It doesn't need to be exactly like mine. Add what you love eating and what you have fresh on hand in the kitchen.

I included some healthy ingredients above that I use on a regular basis. I also love to add coconut shavings, chia seeds, cinnamon, and extra nuts (see these additional toppings in my video below!) Top it off with a drizzle of Agave syrup or Maple Syrup. They are plant based sweeteners and are so good.

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