My Cover of the May/June 2018 Issue of Cary Living Magazine - The Honey Bee

I believe in celebrating the little milestones and achievements in life especially as an artist or creator of any kind. And today I'm celebrating another small "win" in my photography/content creating journey. It's my 3rd cover for Cary Living Magazine. This cover is super special, and different from my other covers, because it's of one of my nature photos!

Photography Beginnings...

Nature has played a huge role in my evolution as a photographer and creator because it's where it all began. I learned photography by taking pictures of things outside my front door. It's how I learned how to operate my camera and grow my technical skills.

A large part of me and Matt's relationship is centered around our love of the great outdoors and nature. It's where we thrive and are our happiest. So a fun little date for us is grabbing our camera gear and heading to a local park or nature preserve to take pictures. It's literally one of my favorite things ever and we always come home with some really neat images. It helps us de-stress, get centered, and spend quality time together.

About the Cover

The cover image of this honey bee was taken at Courthouse Falls in the North Carolina Mountains last August. The weather was rainy, overcast, and a bit breezy. Perfect for waterfalls! Matt went down to take waterfall photos while I stayed up top to photograph some really awesome bugs I saw upon arrival. I couldn't believe the cool photo opportunities right in front of my eyes including a blue winged wasp.

This honey bee caught my attention too. He was so cute. However, the random wind gusts coupled with a fast moving little creature made it difficult to get a shot that was sharp and in focus. Wind is not your friend when taking macros (up close shots). For macro photography you aim for stillness. But I persevered and at the right moment when the wind stopped and the bee stood still, I pressed the shutter and got this sweet shot.

I love this picture because he is just so fuzzy and adorable. A hairy little guy, isn't he? And the plant is a very unique one. Just something random growing in the lush rainy habitat beside the waterfall that really complemented the bee and created an overall beautiful composition.


Lens: 55 mm macro

Shutter: 1/320

Aperture: f/4

Iso: 1000

A big thanks to Cary Living for choosing this image! And to Jennifer Heinser, our fabulous graphic designer, who did another fantastic job on the cover.

I'm thrilled and humbled to photograph what I love and have others recognize and appreciate it. It is so incredibly gratifying and keeps me motivated to continue to work hard and produce awesome content. :)