North Carolina Mountains | Anniversary Trip to Lake Toxaway + Waterfalls

On May 4th, Matt and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. Wow! Time has really flown by since we got married. It has been a lovely 4 years together. "May the 4th be with us!" :)

Today I'm stepping away from food and recipes and sharing just a few of my favorite pictures from our anniversary travel getaway!

We took a relaxing and easy going trip to the North Carolina mountains, specifically the Lake Toxaway area. We rented a beautiful cabin on VRBO overlooking Toxaway Falls. This is our second time renting this cabin and it was just as fabulous as the first time. The owner gave us a discount for re-booking so we got to save money which was so nice.

The view is spectacular! It's a dreamy scene of not only the falls but the distant mountain tops too. I love eating our meals out on the balcony and enjoying a nice drink in the evenings during sunset and blue hour. It's so romantic! Just a few minute drive to Gorges State Park and Whitewater Falls so it's in a great central location to a lot of local attractions. This cabin is also awesome for star-gazing at night!

One of our favorite books we always take with us to the mountains is, North Carolina Waterfalls by Kevin Adams.

You can purchase it here. We have an autographed copy so it's super special. Kevin Adams is an awesome photographer and waterfall enthusiast. This book is so incredibly detailed and rich with information. I cannot believe how much he included in the book to make visiting and photographing waterfalls that much easier for the tourists. It's basically like our travel bible when we are scouting waterfalls in any part of the state.

If you like adventure, waterfalls, and traveling to the North Carolina Mountains, I HIGHLY recommend getting this book. It's so helpful.

I am loving my new Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap! It's only $22.00! This was my first trip using it and it was so awesome.

Matt also uses this strap so I have known for a while that I wanted it. Instead of the typical camera neck strap, I switched to an off the shoulder neck strap that crosses my chest so it's easier to carry my camera on the side of my hip for quick access. Over the years my strap has been hurting my neck and giving me a hard time so it was high time for a change. It's so comfortable and definitely making my photography easier. I love this product!

Before hiking I like to fuel up on my vegan / dairy free yogurt bowl. It's so simple. Just add some So Delicious unsweetened vanilla yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon, and apple granola in a bowl and enjoy. It's delicious, light, and a perfect pre-workout or hiking meal option.

I have a recipe for a more detailed version of this (lots more topping ideas) on my YouTube channel so if you are interested in that click here to watch!

Our English Bulldog, Mr. Truck, also came along for the trip. He enjoys traveling so much (his favorite part is the car ride there and back haha) so it was a blast being able to spend the weekend together, just the three of us. Here he is cooling off in a river in the Pisgah National Forest. Such a little turkey.

Another view of Toxaway Falls from our cabin balcony. Beautiful! We even saw a Great Blue Heron fishing on the bank.

Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park ~ Photo by Matt Williams Photography