Hibiscus Lemonade Tea - Vegan + Non Alcoholic

Homemade lemonade is so delicious and refreshing. The absolute PERFECT summer drink! It's tasty and pretty and always keeps you refreshed on those hot summer days.

Over the weekend I made some pink hibiscus lemonade. It hit the spot. I still have some in my fridge so it keeps well for 3-4 days.

Matt was away camping with his friend Russ so when he arrived home on Sunday afternoon, I was just finishing this styled photo shoot so he got to enjoy one of the glasses of lemonade. He said it was the perfect drink to have after a long weekend of hiking and being out in the hot sun!

I included these adorable North Carolina drink and cocktail party coasters from Matrick & Eve! Love these so much! #CHEERS

I didn't want to just make regular lemonade. I wanted to put a unique and fun spin on it so I used my all time favorite tea to give it a boost of flavor and nutrients. My go-to tea I always keep on hand is the Passion Tea by Tazo -you can click to purchase it directly on Amazon. This delicious tea contains hibiscus, orange peel, rise hips, and passion fruit.

Hibiscus aids in immunity and promotes good digestive health so adding it to regular lemonade gives it not just a flavor punch but a health and nutrient boost too! I like using it in this lemonade recipe as well as drinking it as my everyday hot tea. It's very flavorful.

I hope you enjoy this summer recipe! PS: Be sure to catch my VIDEO at the bottom!

Pink Hibiscus Lemonade Recipe - Non Alcoholic

5 cups water, divided

2 Hibiscus Tea Bags (Tazo brand preferred)

1 cup fresh lemon juice (7-8 lemons)

2/3 cup sugar

1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Place the hibiscus tea bags in a large liquid measuring cup or bowl and pour the boiling water over the tea bags. Let them steep for 3 minutes, then throw the bags away.

2. Pour the brewed tea, lemon juice, and sugar into a blender and blend well until sugar disappears.

3. Add the remaining 3 cups of cold water to the blender and stir. Taste and if it's too tarte, add a little more sugar and blend again.

4. Pour over ice, garnish with a lemon slice, and enjoy right away!

Cheers to summer!

Enjoy my lovely video tutorial below to see how I made these! It's a sweet little Sunday afternoon video and I had a blast making it. Subscribe to my Youtube channel and give it a thumbs up if you liked it. And feel free to leave me a comment...I always love those!

Music: Only this Matters by Sebastian Foreslund (Epidemic Sound)