Macro Vision: Flowers, Bugs, & Wildlife in Summer - North Carolina Nature Photography

It's photo story time! Just poppin' in to share some of my favorite nature photos from this summer. I hope you enjoy them!

I've been super busy lately cooking and photographing recipes as well as making my videos. But, I have also taken some cool flower and wildlife photos throughout the summer as well. It's my favorite type of photography so I don't like to go long periods of time without getting outside with my camera. There is so much out there to be discovered and I love just walking outside not knowing what I will find. On days where I am totally unmotivated and uninspired, I will find something spectacular and it will put me in the best mood.

The photo above of the red ladybug is my favorite nature shot so far this summer, which is why I put it first. I just love the softness of the background and the pastel color palate. The red ladybug in focus adds the perfect pop of contrasting color and life to the image.

Slow moving katydid hanging out on a Canna Lily. They make the coolest sound and I'm almost positive you've heard it - Click here to listen!

In late Spring, a sweet mama squirrel made a large nest in this river birch tree right outside of our porch. I see her all the time going up and down, up and down. She definitely keeps herself busy. This particular afternoon I caught her resting on a tree branch catching some z's. So precious! What a moment!

Matt's photography job at Metrolina Greenhouses provides us with endless opportunities to get beautiful flower images. In the summer months Metrolina opens up the Trial Gardens for the public to adore. You can wander around the gardens enjoying the hundreds of varieties of flowers, bushes, and shrubs. It's a beautiful and peaceful place with thousands and thousands of eye catching vibrant blooms.

Matt and I often drive up to the greenhouses at golden hour, just the two of us, to peruse the gardens and have a little mini photo date. We are the only ones there so we have the entire garden to ourselves. It's a lot of fun!

This awesome box turtle was a very rare find. I maybe see one box turtle every year, if that, so it's not an animal I come across that often, but I wish it was because I love turtles. I used to go turtle hunting as a kid. Not for box turtles but just normal pond turtles. I would take a huge bucket and long fishing net and walk to the pond across the street from my house and scoop them up just to show them to all my neighbors. Afterwards, I would release them back into the pond. Great memorie