My Favorite Vegan Coffee Creamer - Califia Farms

Good morning and happy Friday! #Friyay :)

I just brewed some fresh coffee and wanted to pop in this morning to share a really great product I have been loving for the past year. It you follow me on Instagram or have seen my Instagram Stories you know that I love my Califia Farms coffee creamers.

The Califia Farms creamers are just so delicious. They have coconut and almond milk creamers in a variety of flavors and combinations: vanilla, mint, regular and seasonal brands (coming soon!) like Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint. I LOVE the pumpkin spice flavor! So good! Looking forward to that coming to stores in the next month. This brand of creamer has been one of my favorite new plant based products I've been using over the last year.

Last September I made some major changes to my diet. I wasn't unhealthy by any means I just realized that some of the things I was eating needed to go! So I started replacing certain products and foods with better alternatives. Plant based and vegan alternatives with healthier natural ingredients. It was the best decision ever because it snowballed and I've completely eliminated all dairy and crap foods from my diet. I feel better than ever and a lot more energized!

I was literally hooked on International Delight coffee creamer for years. Yuck! I would add about 3-4 full tablespoons (I like coffee in my creamer) to every cup of coffee I made. Ewww! I cringe looking back at how much of that toxic crap I put in my body. It's so unhealthy and full of weird dairy ingredients and processed junk.

I ditched it cold turkey for the Califia Farms creamers and honestly it took a few months to adjust. It was a major change for me so it took some time to get used to. The new brand was a lot lighter and less sweet than the junk creamer so my taste buds were still craving the super saturated sweet taste.

But now that it's been a full year drinking almond milk creamer, I can say that it was a positive change and I'm sooooo much happier with my new found coffee creamer. My coffee drinking experience is healthy, tasty, and I have found my new normal.

I hope this motivates you to make a few changes to your diet and try some new products. There are so many healthy alternatives out there to choose from. Great plant based and vegan options that are made using plant ingredients so that you can still enjoy your favorite foods.

The demand is there so many companies are now jumping on the band wagon to supply these products to their consumers. I personally think it's a wonderful thing because any small change will be beneficial. The less we consume of processed junk the better off we are.

It might seem daunting but just take it little by little, day by day. Start replacing things slowly and soon enough you will start to feel even better.

My favorite places to shop for healthy foods are Earth Fare, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and Whole Foods. Take a few hours and have fun looking around. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how many yummy things you can find that are plant based, nutritious, and delicious!

Have a great weekend!



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