PopBar Charlotte // Blogger Party Invite - Trying out their new line of vegan pops!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. Just popping in to share some local food scene news happening around the Charlotte / Lake Norman community.

I was recently contacted by PopBar Charlotte (located in the NoDa district of Uptown Charlotte) to see if I wanted to come to a private blogger party to sample some of their new products. They just started selling creamy vegan pops and were inviting local food bloggers and influencers to review them to share the experience on social media. I jumped on the opportunity as I knew it was something that would align perfectly with my brand and the interests of my readers. I couldn't wait!

PopBar opened its flagship store in New York in 2010 and specializes in handcrafted, customizeable popsicles made from gelato, sorbet, and yogurt and only uses all natural ingredients. They are now an international brand and just opened up a location in Charlotte, North Carolina a few years ago.

Matt and I went together on a Monday evening and had a great time. It was dark when we got there so the lighting was not the best for photos but I made it work.

The store is adorable. I love the purple painted brick exterior so much. It's so bright and fun and adds a lot of curb appeal.

They usually have tons of pops available in the case, but for this little party, they only displayed the pops that were vegan so we could easily identify and choose which ones we wanted to try. We were allowed to just dig in and have as much or as little as we wanted. YUM!

The vegan pops are coconut and soy based and come in a variety of fun flavors.

I tried the peanut butter pop first and dipped it in dark chocolate and hazelnuts. O.M.G! It was so delicious! It tasted so unique, like nothing I've ever had before. Extremely creamy, smooth, and light. And SO COLD! The peanut butter flavor was very prominent but not overwhelming. The crunchy toppings brought it to another level. Oh man it was so good! I had to have more.

Matt tried the chocolate pop and covered it entirely with dark chocolate, pistachios, and coconut flakes. He was a big big fan!

Then for the final pop we split a strawberry and covered it in dark chocolate and more pistachios. This was my favorite one by far!

The strawberries in this pop tasted extremely fresh almost as if they were hand picked from a local strawberry patch that day. Wow. So good. Strawberries and dark chocolate are a classic pairing so this combination was mouthwatering.

This was a really fun experience and I'm so glad I was invited. What a cool little pop shop!

It's so awesome see more and more businesses selling products that are plant based and vegan because the demand is totally there now and it will only continue to grow even more in the future.

If you are ever in the Charlotte / NODA area and want a tasty treat, definitely stop by PopBar. Their #popvegan options are fun, fresh, tasty, and made with real plant ingredients.

Good eats!