Washington State - Part 1: Exploring Downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market, & the Puget Sound

I'm so excited to finally start sharing my pictures from me and Matt's trip to Washington State! There are so many awesome photos that I captured so it will be a 5 part series or so including an entire wildlife post which I'm the most excited about because we photographed our first ever Bald Eagle in the wild. It was an amazing moment! Matt has been sharing so many beautiful pictures already on his Instagram and Facebook so definitely check those out once you get a chance. He is the landscape pro!

In September we traveled all the way across the country to the Pacific North West. Hurricane Florence completely altered our plans. We were supposed to leave Saturday the 15th but Florence moved in on the coast late Thursday night so we got a flight out of Charlotte early Friday morning. Phew! It was so freaking stressful getting everything ready in a haste but we made it out before the storm hit. The best part? We got an extra day to explore downtown Seattle which was not on our original agenda. Yay! Here is our fun adventure in downtown Seattle, Washington!

Our first stop as we left the hotel was Angle Lake park. We had no idea it was even here but we decided to check it out on our walk to the light rail. They were having a strong man swimming competition. It was freezing outside with some light drizzle but it didn't seem to bother the swimmers. There were beautiful homes surrounding the lake so it really reminded me a lot of Lake Norman. Beyond the lake were beautiful mountain ranges and large alpine trees. It was an absolutely lovely place.

The most anticipated part of our day was checking out Pike Place Market. It's a very popular tourist destination. We spent just about the entire day here because we loved it so much! It's in downtown right on the Puget Sound. We were mostly amazed at how enormous the market was. It went on and on and on and on. It looks small here but it's not. So much to see, eat, and experience!

Photographer alert. Love this one of Matt. We had a blast taking lots of picture on the trip. We are always in our photography zone when we travel. It's awesome sharing this passion together. It's really special!

It's the very first Starbucks Coffee Shop! Isn't the original logo neat? It's totally different. I can see why they changed it though. Hah!

If you have ever purchased Starbucks coffee at your local grocery store, you will notice that one bag is called, 'Pike Place'. That's a reference to this market where their first coffee shop opened in 1971.

Is it me or is that guy really tall? The line was wrapped all the way around the block so we didn't get any coffee. But we did swing back by later in evening on our way back to the hotel and it was dead so if you want to grab a cup of coffee here, your best bet is to go later around sunset.

Delicious freshly roasted corn on the cob! It was piping hot! I added a little salt and garlic powder to mine. Yum! Note to self: Bring some dental floss next time!

Pike Place Market had the most beautiful bouquets of flowers I think I have ever seen. And they were selling like hot cakes. Any flower you you could have possibly wanted, they had. The arrangements were absolutely gorgeous. My favorites were the bouquets with dahlias which are one of my all time favorite flowers. So pretty! The prices were the best part. Most of the bouquets ranged around $10-12. You don't find flowers that beautiful for that cheap back home. I really loved this area of the market!

Pigeons and doves were everywhere in Seattle especially around the market. They were constantly on a mission looking for falling crumbs and random food scraps. They aren't too scared of the tourists either as I got really close to them many times. They are beautiful birds!

Healthy and nutritious food options were in abundance around Pike Place Market. There are so many fresh food stands with locally grown produce. I got a delicious strawberry, banana, and mango smoothie at a fruit stand. It was so tasty and healthy and kept me feeling good while exploring. I always make it a priority to eat a lot of fruits and veggies whenever I travel because it can be hard eating well on the road.

Behind Pike Place Market you will find a busy highway and a lower area with lots more shops and restaurants as well as scenic views of the Puget Sound. I think that the dome at the top of the picture might be the Seattle Seahawks Football stadium. I'm really not sure but it looks like a sports arena. We didn't go down to this area but it looks really fun. I think the photo is really interesting and shows how happening downtown Seattle is.