Outdoor Winter Holiday Planter Inspiration / Pansies, Ornamental Cabbage & a Juniper Tree

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner which means it's time to decorate for the Holidays!

When planning your home decor scheme for the season, don't forget to decorate the outside of your home too. Some of the most beautiful outdoor holiday decorations can be easily made using containers, soil, and seasonal plants.

In other words, a planter can be a perfect outdoor decor option which wont break the bank and will add a lot of natural greenery and life to your patio or porch.

Many people think beautiful colored outdoor planters are just for Spring and Summer but they aren't. Fall and Winter planters are just as gorgeous.

The selection isn't as abundant as in the warmer months but there are colorful options to choose from if you look. I suggest making a weekend trip to your local home improvement store or garden center to check out the current selections.

This is the planter Matt and I made for our porch. It's colorful, low maintenance, and festive! And it was a lot of fun spending a few hours gathering supplies and working on it together. It can be a fun project to do with your partner or kids!

Products Used for this Winter Planter:

1. Container - We used a plastic wine barrel for our container which we picked up from Lowe's for around $20. They have several different sizes to choose from. I love it. It looks good all year round. The real wooden wine barrel containers are available too but are more expensive so the plastic one is a great option for smaller budgets.

2. Soil - All you need is regular fresh potting soil. I think we used 2 small potting soil bags for this big barrel. I suggest getting 3 bags just in case depending on how large your container is.

3. Cold weather plants - This planter contains 3 ornamental cabbage plants, 3 bundles of purple, red, and white pansies (some yellow ones have popped up too), and 1 baby Juniper tree. The ornamental cabbage can be eaten but I wouldn't advise doing so as it will be really bitter. It was grown for decoration not to be eaten. When the pansies are drooping or losing leaves, go ahead and pluck the head off to encourage regrowth. The Juniper tree is the crowning glory of this planter. The height is a nice balance in comparison to the smaller plants. In time, it will become a super tall tree so you can eventually transfer it to your yard and watch it grow for years to come.

Watering & Sunlight - I have been giving this planter a nice watering about twice a week. It needs a lot of sunlight so make sure it's out in the open soaking up those rays. And as always, remove any dead leaves or flowers to encourage regrowth. That way it will continue to look healthy and beautiful all throughout the Winter.

I hope this post inspires you to get your hands dirty and create a gorgeous outdoor winter planter for your home this holiday season!


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