Pomegranate Ginger Moscow Mules - Vegan

With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what to prepare for our holiday gatherings. Which favorite holiday recipes we are going to make for family and friends and what new flavors we might want to incorporate into our dishes and drinks!

Today I have a great cocktail recipe to share with you that will be a festive drink to sip on while you rock around the Christmas tree. It has dynamic flavors and some healthy plant ingredients too!

This recipe is for Pomegranate Ginger Moscow Mules, garnished with fresh rosemary, lime, and pomegranate arils. It's a holiday spin on the classic cocktail.

I used traditional copper Moscow mule mugs which helps keep it colder for longer periods of time. I purchased them at Target and I have to say, I just love them. And now that I think about it, these mugs would make a great Christmas gift for anyone in your life who enjoys making their own drinks.

This recipe and post is actually inspired my my sweet friends, Phil and Monica, who always make the most delicious and bubbly homemade Moscow Mules when Matt and I go to their house for dinner. They are so good and always give me a nice little buzz.

I hope you enjoy this holiday drink!

You can also find this recipe and more in the current 2018 Holiday issue of Cary Living Magazine!

Pomegranate Ginger Moscow Mule Recipe

(serves 1)

2 oz. vodka

6 oz. ginger beer

2 oz. pomegranate juice

Juice of half a lime

Pomegranate arils

Ice cubes

Pour the vodka, ginger beer, pomegranate juice, and lime juice over ice and stir well. Add a sprig of fresh rosemary, lime wedge, and a few pomegranate arils for garnish.

Cheers to the holidays!