6 Minute Everyday Banana Infused Old Fashion Oatmeal - Vegan

I have truly perfected my morning oatmeal recipe over the last year. I make these morning oats multiple times each week. It's quick, healthy, and so flavorful. My husband loves it too!

The secret ingredient to taking this oatmeal from average to exceptional, is the frozen banana. I cook the frozen banana chunks in with my oats and milk which gives the oatmeal natural sweetness without adding any refined sugars. The banana cooks down a lot so it's slightly soft and gooey which tastes sooooo good in every bite.

This oatmeal really does take just 6 minutes. While the oats are cooking I cut up any fresh fruit that I want to use and I get out my other toppings so it's ready to assemble once the oats are done.

My go-to toppings are always raisins, pepitas, cinnamon, and of course my pure roasted runny almond butter! Seriously friends, if you have never added nut butter to your oatmeal, you are missing out. It's life!

6 Minute Everyday Banana Infused Old Fashion Oatmeal | Vegan

(Serves 1)

1 cup plant milk (I prefer unsweetened coconut milk in my morning oats)

1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1/2 of a frozen banana, chopped into 4-5 small chunks

Optional Toppings:



Cacao nibs



Nut Butter (I love runny roasted pure almond butter!)

In a medium sauce pan, bring the plant milk to a boil (keep your eye on it as it will bubble over quickly!) then immediately add the frozen banana chunks and the oats. Stir well and turn down heat to medium. Let simmer, uncovered, for 6 minutes. While the oats are cooking, prepare your toppings. Once the oats are ready, remove from heat and transfer to a bowl. Top with cinnamon, fresh blueberries, cacao nibs, pepitas, raisins, and a spoonful of nut butter!

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