A Lucky Purple Wildflower Field -Spring Photography of Mr. Truck!

I call this little portrait session 'lucky' because it was totally unplanned. Yesterday I took Mr. Truck to the park in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day. I brought a blanket, some snacks, and my camera bag. I wanted him to get some outside playtime in but I was also there for some Spring bloom shots. I had my macro and 80-200mm lenses to get the job done.

However, when we got there nothing was in bloom yet. I was just a few days too early. So we kept walking and decided to lay our blanket out in the field instead of our regular spot by the river. I immediately noticed a ton of purple wildflowers. They were everywhere! What a lucky find. I knew it would add such a beautiful Spring touch to some new portraits of Mr. Truck. So we did a little portrait session in the field among the purple blooms. Trucky is about to be 10 years old in a couple of months so I needed to get some updated pics of my old guy. He's seriously the best dog!

I love how beautiful and whimsical the purple wildflowers look in these shots. They are so soft and delicate. I am also glad I opted for his grey ball instead of his bright orange one. The neon orange color would have clashed so much with the background. It wasn't planned so looking back I made the right decision by grabbing his gray ball.

I also added some black and white photos into the mix to make it fun! I really love how these pictures came out!