Washington State - Part 5 : Cape Flattery, Lake Crescent, Port Angeles, & The Dungeness Spit

Today I'm sharing the last part of our amazing trip around the Pacific North West! It was such an awesome vacation!

After Matt and I left Rialto Beach, we headed straight up North to the most North Western point in the contiguous United States, Cape Flattery!

This was the last few days of our trip around the Pacific North West before we headed back home to Charlotte. It was a more low-key part of the adventure but the views, wildlife (we photographed an American Bald Eagle!), and beauty did not at all disappoint. I personally love the ocean and the beaches so I was very excited to see more of it! I even found a little treasure...


Driving up to Cape Flattery is full of beautiful photography opportunities. We stopped at just about every overlook because I was determined to find whales as this is a top whale watching area along the Pacific North West Coast. I was whale watching the entire trip, everywhere we went, but unfortunately, we saw none. Bummer! But we did get lots of great boat, bird, and landscape shots along the highway into Cape Flattery.

There are so many unique birds in the Pacific North West. Here is a heron enjoying a sunny morning with alcids, cormorants, harlequin ducks, and western grebes. I wanted to see and photograph puffins so bad (they are adorable!) but we didn't see any of those either.

These are Harlequin Ducks. They are striking small sea ducks with a small bill, short neck, and long tail. They enjoy turbulent waters and dive down in the ocean for their food which mainly consists of mollusks and crustaceans.

Tall beacon-like sea stacks are all over the Pacific North West coast, even in the far north western corner at Cape Flattery. I love the sea stacks at Rialto Beach but these were also very cool. I am fascinated by them!

If you look closely at the bottom right of the photo, there are dozens of birds sitting on a rock enjoying the warm sunshine. This is a typical sight all around the PNW.

This is another really amazing waterway with tons of wildlife. Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to see! This river is located along the drive to Hobuck Beach Campground. Look at all those birds!

Purple wildflowers thrive along the easy hike to Cape Flattery at Neah Bay.

The 1.2 mile hike out to Neah Bay at Cape Flattery is easy peasy! You go through a dense forest of Sitka Spruce trees before you reach the bustling coastline. Boardwalks like this one help guide the way. It was a lot of fun!

Here is what it looks like once you reach the end of the hike! Beautiful views of tree topped sea stacks and vistas everywhere with incredible vantage points.

Cape Flattery at Neah Bay is where the straight of Juan de Fuca joins the Pacific Ocean. There are 5 observation points over steep elevated cliffs.

Geological formations such as sea caves, sea stacks, and contoured cliffs can be seen along this rocky coastline.